Intersectionality and holistic support for Undocumented Students

It is important to acknowledge that students may identify with one or more groups related to ethnicity, immigration status, culture and gender. This intersectionality is diverse and should be treated with respect. This opens the door for awareness and encourages students to seek additional information. This practice should be expanded to flyers, posters, websites, and in-person meetings with students. Partner with programs and services to ensure all are equipped to support undocumented students and their unique needs, while not putting undocumented student support into silos. Regardless of how the student identifies, as the largest and most diverse system of higher education in the country, the California Community Colleges have a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of millions by breaking down existing barriers to equity. By building a faculty and staff that look like the students and communities we serve and committing fully to putting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and anti-racism at the heart of our work, we can — and will — take a giant leap toward being a system that truly works for all our students. 

Glossary of Terms (PDF)