Educators out of the Shadows – Call to Action

Undocumented Student Action Week Participants wearing Education no Deportation Shirt.
2019 Undocumented Student Action Week – Los Rios College Federation of Teachers

While introducing practices to institutionalize undocumented student services, and following the Vision for Success goals and commitments as the system’s guiding star, we encourage you to consider the following: 

  • Transforming the campus culture is EVERYONE’s responsibility, not only UndocuCenters or UndocuLiaisons
  • IMMEDIATE and intentional changes are needed to institutionalize services for undocumented students 
  • Effective UndocuAllies on your local campus
  • Commitment from Administrators and campus leadership is essential for the success of services
  • Normalizing undocumented student supports should be a high priortity 
  • Engaging in holistic undocumented student support and services 
  • Mindfulness of the difference between intention versus impact
  • Center undocumented student voices and let them inform your work