Alignment with System Initiatives

The Vision for Success goals seek to increase the number and percentage of students who reach a defined educational goal while decreasing the time and costs to do so. It also seeks to eliminate achievement gaps experienced by some students and regions. In particular, the Vision for Success focuses on the success of traditionally underrepresented groups, to include undocumented students. Read more about how the Chancellor’s Office is leading the Vision for Success in the latest State of the System Report.

The Guided Pathways framework creates a highly structured approach to student success that provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns to promote better enrollment decisions and prepare students for future success.  Guided Pathways requires a whole-college transformational reform, which entails a breaking-down of silos and more dynamic collaboration between faculty, administrators, and staff. Undocumented student efforts should be integrated in this framework. For every special student population, such as undocumented students, the Chancellor’s Office approach is about the dual transformation of:

  • A. pushing for structural change / institutional priority of equitable student-centered design; and 
  • B. employing evidence-based practices that address the unique challenges of the population

The four pillars of Guided Pathways are: Clarify the Path, Enter the Path, Stay on the Path, and Ensure Learning in support of the Vision for Success. Guided Pathways can be used to map out students’ pathways to success, including clarifying curricular pathways to and from community colleges, raising awareness of financial support and information protection, improving direct services to ensure retention, and offering opportunities to further develop as students and professionals. It’s critical to ensure these efforts are institutionalized throughout the system and individual colleges, and not only in Undocumented Student Centers or led by UndocuLiasons. Transforming the campus culture is everyone’s responsibility, and intentional changes are needed to institutionalize services for undocumented students.

The CCCs have committed to use the Guided Pathways framework to improve the structure of campus programs and services to help more students make it to and through college. Guided Pathways Resource Library 

The Student-Centered Funding Formula provides funding based on enrollment (base allocation), equity (supplemental allocation), and student success (student success allocation), and it is one of many tools being used in the Vision for Success implementation. The supplemental

allocation provides additional funding for students receiving an AB 540/SB 68 waiver, the majority of whom are undocumented students. Having the proper tools to identify and match students with available resources is vital for gaining access to new funding and student retention.