Appendix A

Undocumented Student Support timeline

The following Undocumented Student Support timeline aims to serve as a resource to highlight the success of undocumented student services in our system over the years. 

Appendix B

Undocumented Student Support Project (USSP) Survey Findings  

All survey results are broken down into Guided Pathways Regions. Ninety-eight out of the 116 colleges responded to 75% or more of the Undocumented Student Success Survey during Fall 2020. We also received 7 incomplete surveys with less than 75% completion and 11 colleges that did not complete the survey. Survey results are reflected as of Fall 2020.

Guided Pathways RegionsNumber of Colleges responding to the survey Colleges with full-time coordinators (UndocuLiaisons)  # Colleges with part-time UndocuLiaisons# Colleges with undocu student centers (physical Space)# Colleges with the undocumented student task force# Colleges with student clubs 
North/Far North1203795
Central Valley/Mother Lode1133463
South Central Coast823483
San Francisco/Bay Area2557101711
Inland Empire/Dessert711263
San Diego/Imperial820353
Los Angeles/Orange County2789181915
Guided Pathways Regions# of colleges with dedicated undocumented student website# of colleges with an undocumented student support email #Colleges who have hosted UndocuAlly Training# Colleges who have an undocumented student scholarship or grant # of Colleges that have an internship or fellowship
North/Far North105995
Central Valley/Mother Lode967114
South Central Coast83573
San Francisco/Bay Area221722217
Inland Empire/Dessert63572
San Diego/Imperial93875
Los Angeles/Orange County271925229
Guided Pathways Regions# of colleges that have hosted events # of Colleges that have a triage process to support undocu students (case management/department collaboration) # of colleges providing  immigration legal services 
North/Far North1082
Central Valley/Mother Lode1079
South Central Coast836
San Francisco/Bay Area251311
Inland Empire/Dessert754
San Diego/Imperial957
Los Angeles/Orange County271918

Appendix C

The “Understanding the Undocumented Community” online survey was live from May 20, 2021 through June 6, 2021. The online survey was conducted to better understand this subsection of the CCC population. Additionally, this survey was used to inform message development targeting the CCC undocumented community. 207 students, faculty, and staff across 62 California community colleges responded to the survey.  Nearly ⅓ of the respondents prefer the term undocumented.