K12 and Adult Education

Although this handbook has CCC practitioners as the primary audience, we recognize the importance of the K-12 and adult education partnerships.

Below you can find a guide created by informed immigrants that will guide undocumented students through resources in higher education. Sharing this with college counselors at a feeder high school can allow them to build their own resource toolkit, as many undocumented students in high school do not know college is an option. 

Guide for High School Students (English, Spanish, Korean) – Walks students through a variety of options available to them after high school including entering the workforce, enrolling in a trade school, and applying to college. 

K-12 Training Projects Funded by the Dreamer Resource Center (DRC) at Sacramento State University and led by Dr. Ellis, an Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Development.

The training highlights the Undocumented Stress Cycle Webinar Series: This four-part webinar series is for professionals seeking to support the well-being of young people impacted by undocumented status. In the series, Dr. Basia Ellis, sociocultural psychologist, immigration scholar, and Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Development at Sacramento State, introduces the “undocumented stress cycle.” Dr. Ellis discusses helpful, research-informed practices for educators and other professionals to support undocumented and mixed-status young people.