About the Artist

Julio Salgado was commissioned for the cover page of the handbook. His experience as an undocumented and queer artivist has fueled the contents of his visual art for the past decade. Undocumented students, organizers, and allies across the country have used Salgado’s artwork to call attention to the migrant rights movement. 

Artist statement: For this piece, I wanted to revisit a 2011 digital illustration of mine titled “Undocumented, Unafraid, And Unapologetic.” That was a statement that many undocumented organizers were boldly using while coming out of the shadows in 2010. In the original version, we see a high school student wearing a green cap and gown. The green color of her cap and gown represents some glimpse of hope during a very confusing period for undocumented high school students. For this updated version, the undocumented student has transferred from a community college to a state university where she got her master’s in education. In the new image, I wanted to represent the student thinking back at the community that made it possible for undocumented students like herself to make this journey a reality. As a product of a California community college education myself, I credit my time at Long Beach City College’s Viking Newspaper as the beginning of my political artist career.