Undocumented Students Support E-Handbook

Project in partnership with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

The USS E-Handbook aims to elevate promising practices across the system in order to provide undocumented students with holistic resources and services. In addition, we aim to educate and empower practitioners and administrators in the California Community College System to institutionalize support for undocumented students. While this handbook provides tools and resources to support practitioners, in particular, it is the collective responsibility of the campus community to work to institutionalize undocumented students’ resources and services. 

Toolkit  Acknowledgment: We stand on the shoulders of educators that have advocated for undocumented students’ support and services. This e-handbook is dedicated to the undocumented educators and allies that have championed undocumented student efforts over the years. Students, we congratulate and salute you for your courage, commitment, and vision to forge new pathways for yourselves and others who came behind you and for serving as mentors and leaders to the new incoming class of Undocumented students. This report is also a tribute to the parents who sacrifice their families to see their kids walk the stage.